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Gorgeous Gold and Silver Grape patterned on the black colored surface Soy Sauce Bottle.  The bottle is not only for soy sauce, but also dressing or dipping oil etc.

This may not look like the typical Japanese style design yet not fully western design.  This well balanced mixtures of both western and eastern designs is rare to see and must have!

Kutani ware (九谷焼 Kutani-yaki) is a style of Japanese porcelain first established by Goto Saijiro, a member of the Maeda clan, who set up a kiln in the village of Kutani (now part of the city of Kaga) on the order of Maeda Toshiharu ruler of the Kaga domain.  The porcelain style is known for multiple colors—such as greens, blues, yellows, purples, and reds—and bold designs covering most of the surface of each piece. (referenced from Wikipedia)


Dimensions: 2.56 "  x 2.56 " x 4.33 "
Weight: 0.44 lb


Shipped in 2 to 3 days.

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