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Kutani's traditional yet modern Ishidatami patterned serving bowl. This will blend in either western or eastern style of table setting amazingly.  

Ishidatami means stone pavement in Japanese.  The design inspired by the stone patterns is one of the Ko-Kutani designs. This Ishidatami design is such great that it has been popular for the past 350 years and a lot of Kutani pottery artists still use as a base pattern for their craft work.  

The roots of the Ishidatami pattern goes back to the Iroe Ishidatami Souhou Monhira Bachi that was made in Edo era in 1600's.  It is permanently exhibited now in Ishikawa prefecture museum.  The pefrect balance of colors and patterns is speechlessly amazing.

This is hand painted with the amazing Ishidatami pattern by Kutani pottary artists who use the same glaze as Kokutani.


Dimensions: 9.65 "  x 9.65 " x 2.44 "
Weight: 2.2 lb


Shipped in 2 to 3 days.

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