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KUTANI AKAE Small Bowl Sets

$ 89.00
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The exquisitely colorful Kutani porcelain comes from the region between Kanazawa and Kagaonsen, in Ishikawa prefecture, the former domains of Kaga and Daishoji. 

Detailed figures drawn in red (Akae), fine patterns for the rim and some added golden ornaments are characteristic of this style. The detailed drawings in the Akae style are truly remarkable. This will give you a traditional taste of Japanese tableware but also help you “spice up” your table.  

Kutani’s unique color schemes and designs are popular worldwide.  Kutani ware was first developed in Kaga clan that was one of the wealthiest one during Edo era.  With their financial advantages they developed gorgeous Kutani ware.  Kutani uses five main colors (called Kutani five colors) – Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Blue.  Kutani has 350 years of history and it still remain as tremendous additions to your table and home.


Dimensions: 3.6 " x 3.6 " x 1.69 "
Weight: 1.76 lb


Shipped in 2 weeks.


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