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Japanese Glassware Sake Sets Bamboo

$ 114.00
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Our Bamboo Series features glassware in various enchanting forms that all focus on bamboo as a motif for the design. Bamboo exhibits both a distinguished character and charm that earn it a high place even among other Japanese nature motifs.


With its natural, dark-green tones, our Green Bamboo Series conveys the invigorating life force of bamboo that enables it to grow so straight and tall. In contrast, our Cool Bamboo Series represents a refreshing coolness as if fashioned from ice. The picturesque stance of the glassware as an ornamental feature is also ideal for enhancing quality space.


The bamboo design is both intriguing and functional, as the ridged, swirling pattern on the surface of the glass also works as a useful grip to prevent this glass from slipping out of your hands. Very practical and unique glass is what you need to entertain your guests!


Glass has long been cherished by people the world over throughout its rich history and is still used in a variety of fields to this day. With a keen eye turned towards the environment and due consideration now being given to its issues on a global scale, it cannot be overstated that now is the perfect time to welcome the benefits that environmentally friendly glassware brings and to truly recognize its full potential.


The sake set was produced by Hirota Glass who was founded in 1899.  The prestigious company has been proudly producing the quality hand made glassware in the historical area of Tokyo since then.  The craftsmen of Hirota still use traditional glass-making techniques, those that have been tried and tested for over 100 years.  They focuses on creating product that possesses warmth unlike machine-made glassware.  Their products are traditional yet well integrated with current style to fit in the current life style.  The quality they have proven and maintained are such great that you must own one for yourself.


This is NOT microwave and dishwasher safe. 


This is only for cold drink.


Dimensions: 1.81" x 1.81 " x 7.87 " (bottle) 1.65 " x 1.65 " x 2.17" (cup) 7.09 " x 8.66 " x 0.59 " (tray)
Capacity: 270 ml (bottle) 48 ml (cup)
Weight: 0.62 lb (bottle) 0.31 lb(cup) 0.55 lb (tray) 
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