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Japan KUTANI Tea Set Aochibu

$ 199.00
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Incredible hand-painted tea set from the Kutani region of Japan. It was this gorgeous earthenware feel to it!

There are some of the defining characteristics of different types of porcelain, such as Ko-Kutani-Fu (old Kutani line), Yoshidaya-Fu (Yoshidaya’s line), Aka-E (red Kutani line), and etc.  The Yoshida-Fu ware is also called “Ao-Kutani (Blue Kutani)”. It usually uses the same five colors as Ko-Kutani (old Kutani), with the exception of red. Having a yellow background is also typical.  The style of this piece is Yoshidaya’s line with characteristics of yellow background along with the ko-kutani’s five colors. 

This piece is in Aochibu style.  Ao-Chibu, usually called Ao-Tsubu, means blue dots. Karakusa (arabesque) is typical pattern for this design. Artists paint each single light-blue dot and gold arabesque on the navy background by hand. Shiro-Chibu (white), Ki-Chibu (yellow), Aka-Chibu (red) and Kuro-Chibu (black) are also popular


Dimensions: 3.23” x 3.23” x 2.24 "
Weight: 4.41 lb


Shipped in 2 weeks.

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