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Japan KUTANI Matcha Tea Bowl Nodoka

$ 119.00
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Japan Kutani’s simple yet beautiful design is found in this Matcha Tea Bowl.  This piece is non porcelain which is rare in Kutani yaki ware and gives you warm and soft feeling.  The painting is expressed in a simple way but the brilliant look would be great gift for anyone.


In tea ceremony we take the tea bowl from the server and turn it around before we drink.  This came from the idea that the front of the bowl should be presented for the god and ancestors in the heaven.  We may not follow the proper tea ceremony steps at home but it would be nice to turn the tea bowl so that anyone sitting in front of you can enjoy the beautiful painted design in front of the bowl.


Dimension: 3.11 " x 3.11" x 3.27"
Weight: 1.54 lb


Shipped in 2 weeks.

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