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HAGI ware Traditional Tea Set (with cooler)

$ 253.00
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Please note that this tea pot may not be the same as what you see in the picture. It may be a similar style.  We are able to make the special price available only by combining the cups with any similar tea pot available in stock.

The charms of Hagi ware's rough clay and rich, pockmarked surfaces, laced with cracks in the glaze, take on character and deeper tones with age and use. Its blushing, soft reddish and creamy white glazes, displaying the voluptuous warmth of living flesh, are often described in feminine terms. 

Hohin is a Kyusu (Japanese Tea Pot) without a handle and is used to brew only the highest grade of tea. Hohin means "Treasure Jar" or "Magical Jar" in Japanese. It is said that high grade tea becomes more mellow in the Hohin.

Hohin is also for nursing your soul rather than for satisfying your thirst because the capacity is somewhat smaller than a basic Kyusu. The pour spout is made in a special way that allows tiny tea leaves to be poured together with the tea water. It is said that the poured tiny tea leaves enhance the flavor of the tea.

Therefore, Hohin should not be used for lower grade teas. Hohin should only be used to brew the highest grade tea leaves.

It also comes with a bowl that is used to cool down the hot water before it is poured into the Kyusu pot.

Color gradation is phenomenal in this tea set.  It is genuine light brown blended into the beautiful natural white.

It is also a feature of using this Hohin set that the atmosphere becomes much more graceful and still. The beauty of the colors and enhanced flavor of the tea creates a relaxing atmosphere for your soul.

In general, Hagi Yaki is not loudly decorated, and the simplicity of its materials and glazes are one of its strong points. The softness of Hagi Yaki means that it not only looks pleasant, but also feels that way too. And its low conductivity means it maintains the heat of foods and drinks such as hot tea, without itself becoming too hot.

Specially packaged in a wooden box.



Before each use, let the ceramics sit and absorb plenty of water for about 30 minutes. This prevents the tea from soaking into the ceramics and causing tea-stains.

Unlike the glazed type of ceramics, Hagiyaki is rough in nature and may leak in the early stages of use. With repeated usage, the seeping of tea incrustations will eventually seal it and the leaking will stop. If leaking continues, dry the ceramics well, mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch into 500cc of water, boil and pour into the ceramics. Let sit for 6 hours and leaking will stop.

Do not use in microwave ovens. The glaze may become discolored or the ceramics may break at extreme high temperatures.

After washing the ceramics, dry well before storing. Hagiyaki absorbs moisture. So improper storage may cause molding. It is very important to thoroughly dry the Hagiyaki ceramics.


All our items are handmade individually, so color, shape and size may vary slightly.



Dimensions: 3.62 " x 3.62 " x 2.99 " (pot) 2.44 " x 2.44 " x 1.97 " (cup) 3.3 " x 3.3 " x 1.93 " (cooler)
Weight: 2.27 lb


Shipped in 2 weeks.

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