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HAGI Small Plate Kozara Hazara

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Beautiful and calm Hagi ware small kozara plate from the prestigious Senryuzan pottery.

The charms of Hagi ware's rough clay and rich, pockmarked surfaces, laced with cracks in the glaze, take on character and deeper tones with age and use. Its blushing, soft reddish and creamy white glazes, displaying the voluptuous warmth of living flesh, are often described in feminine terms. 

In general, Hagi Yaki is not loudly decorated, and the simplicity of its materials and glazes are one of its strong points. The simple and calm features emphasizes the beauty of the cooking.


Seven stages of Hagi ware (Hagi no Nanabake)

Hagi have something referred to as the seven changes of Hagi, which are supposed to characterize the changes the Hagi goes through with use, and the changes of color it undergoes through the many years of use.  After years of use, an originally pure and bright Hagi Yaki teacup changes in color to a calm, cool color. The beautiful way in which Hagi Yaki ages is called "The Seven Changes of Hagi" by ceramics enthusiasts. The rough material used for Hagi Yaki teacups is one of their attractions, but because of their permeability fine cracks open in the glaze so tea and other liquids more easily work their way inside. After long years of use, the tea permeation causes the surface color to change to a deeper color and the cracks to further stand out, resulting in a pattern with true character. The way the color stains the piece will change significantly depending on how it is handled. If used for a long time and cared for carefully, Hagi Yaki will go through not just seven but an infinite number of changes. You will be able to enjoy having a unique item that you have played a part in creating.



Before each use, let the ceramics sit and absorb plenty of water for about 30 minutes. This prevents the tea from soaking into the ceramics and causing tea-stains.

Unlike the glazed type of ceramics, Hagiyaki is rough in nature and may leak in the early stages of use. With repeated usage, the seeping of tea incrustations will eventually seal it and the leaking will stop. If leaking continues, dry the ceramics well, mix 1 tablespoon of cornstarch into 500cc of water, boil and pour into the ceramics. Let sit for 6 hours and leaking will stop.

Do not use in microwave ovens. The glaze may become discolored or the ceramics may break at extreme high temperatures.

After washing the ceramics, dry well before storing. Hagiyaki absorbs moisture. So improper storage may cause molding. It is very important to thoroughly dry the Hagiyaki ceramics.


All our items are handmade individually, so color, shape and size may vary slightly.


Dimensions: 6.69 " x 3.23 " x 0.91 "
Weight: 0.44 lb


Shipped in 2 weeks.

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