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HAGI Japanese Beer Cup Hime Hagi

$ 44.00
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Hagi Chawan(Hagi-yaki) is a type of Japanese pottery most identifiable for its humble forms and use of translucent white glaze. Wares are formed on the wheel and decorated with translucent glaze made of feldspar and ash.  This is a representative work of Hagi ware with a soft shade and a simple earthenware feeling.

In general, Hagi Yaki is not loudly decorated, and the simplicity of its materials and glazes are one of its strong points. The softness of Hagi Yaki means that it not only looks pleasant, but also feels that way too. And its low conductivity means it maintains the heat of foods and drinks such as hot tea, without itself becoming too hot.

Hagi yaki ware usually contains cracks, known as 'Kannyu', in its foundation. This gives it different properties of ventilation and water permeability to porcelain.


Packaged in a paper box.


Please read How to Care Hagi Ware.


All our items are handmade individually, so color, shape and size may vary slightly.


Dimensions: 3.15 " x 3.15 " x 4.53 " 
Weight: 0.7 lb


Shipped in 2 weeks.

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