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AIZU LACQUER WARE YANAGI Pair Chopsticks Black and Red

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Pairs of Aizu Lacquer Chopsticks.  So beautifully made.

Using a very special polishing process representative of Aizu lacquer ware, these chopsticks are very durable and of the highest quality. This type of lacquer painting gives these chopsticks elegance and a refined feel.  The willow tree paint is very pretty.

These chopsticks are made of real wood in the local area of Japan and urushi lacquered by hand.

Genuine Aizu Lacquer ware is very hard to find in the US.  Our Aizu Lacquer ware come from the prestigious potteries that have been in business for a very long time in the Aizu area.  You will surely enjoy beautiful gloss and cool feel of traditional Aizu Lacquer ware.




1) This includes but is not limited to direct sunlight, halogen lamps, black lights, and disinfecting cabinets. Exposure to ultraviolet light will cause discoloration as well as cracking, crazing and deterioration of surface luster. To maintain prevent minor cosmetic changes in color, urushi should be stored in a dark place when not in use. It is also recommended that you place a tissue or a cloth between the lacquerware, wrap them, and avoid extremely dry environment if they are not used for a long time.

2) Although urushi can withstand many every day chemicals such as alcohol, acids and bases, it will not withstand some harsher chemicals. Rinse out in warm water and put watered-down mild detergent liquid on a dishcloth or a soft non abrasive sponge and wash gently If greased on. After washing, drain and dry with a cloth before dried out. Dishwashers are also not recommended because of the high heat and rapid temperature changes involved.

3) Although urushi itself can withstand very high temperatures, most lacquerware has wood, resin or hard rubber as a core. Microwaves can also cause excessive drying and cause a piece to craze or crack or the metal powder or foil used in the lacquer will react adversely to the microwave radiation. Putting in microwave will damage your lacquer ware.


Length: 9.25 " 
Weight: 0.1lb


Shipped in 2 to 3 days.

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