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Eating Sushi with hand or chopsticks?

Posted on June 01, 2015 by Tomomi | 0 comments

American people usually eat Sushi using chopsticks, but I see a lot of people use hand to eat sushi in Japan.  I would say 50% of people use hand.  In old days Sushi was just like fast food where people grab a few pieces of Sushi as snack so I can see why people decided to use hand to eat the sushi snack.  However once Sushi is no longer snack now I often wonder which way is the “correct” way to eat Sushi.


So I asked the Sushi chef the question when I visited our family favorite Sushi restaurant last summer.  His answer was … you can eat in either way.  OK, that’s not my favorite type of answer, but I pretty much guessed that would have been the case.


As long as we enjoy Sushi it does not matter how we eat it, the chef said.  However, he said the key point is you dip fish part of sushi into soy sauce and we should follow it.  I have seen people dipping the rice part into soy sauce ending up with entire piece falling apart. 


So if you think about it I think it makes more sense especially for those who are not used to using the chopsticks to use their hands to eat sushi so that you get the best result by flipping the sushi piece and dipping the fish part in soy sauce.  Doing all these with chopsticks is not easy.


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