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Drinking beer from bottle, glass, or beer cup?

Posted on May 04, 2015 by Tomomi | 0 comments

I enjoy hosting a gathering at home.  I am so fortunate that all my friends I invite always enjoy the company, drink, and meal.  It is such fun gatherings and naturally people drink heavily J I serve wine, sake, and beer depending on their choice.  We pour sake and wine to glasses but beer is tricky.  I do want to serve beer in a glass as it looks more elegant but while I am busy hosting others people start drinking from bottles.  But let me tell you this, it tastes much better to drink from a glass or cup!


When you drink straight from a can the form is too strong for me.  It almost hurts my lips!  It also fills my stomach quickly and I dont get to enjoy meal along with beer.  Its easier to drink from a bottle in terms of the carbon but it is still better to drink from a glass if you want to enjoy the richness of molt and freshness of hop.


My favorite way of drinking beer is to serve in a ceramic beer cup.  Especially the cups that do not have glazing inside helps to produce very creamy form and beer tastes mild and sophisticated.  You can find those beer cups in our shop as well.


Its OK to drink from a bottle as you get less and less sober but try your first beer from the ceramic cup (while you have ability to remember the difference).  It does make a huge difference and would be a great addition to the party you may host next time.


Interested in the beer cups for creamy beer head?  Please check the Hagi Hisui beer cup out in our store!


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