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Chilled or Warm sake?

Posted on May 18, 2015 by Tomomi | 0 comments

Many of my non-Japanese friends often ask for warm or hot sake instead of chilled one. I think its because of the unique concept of making the alcohol beverages hot.  Hot sake is indeed the best in colder seasons as it warms up your body and nerve system and then you feel so much relaxed.


However chilled sake is the trend in Japan nowadays.  People prefer fresh taste of Daiginjo or Ginjo that are better served chilled.  Daiginjo or Ginjo do not have strong taste and scent like traditional ones and are easy to drink just like white wine.  People typically think enjoying Daiginjo or Ginjo in hot or warm is big no-no as it may kill the refreshing flavor.  However if you professionally know how to serve these fresh sake in hot it is unbelievably tasty. 


We have chilled sake called Reishu meaning cold sake and also the one with room temperature that is called Hiya translated to cool.  Even many of us use these two words interchangeably by mistake.  The same sake could taste very different in Reishu serving or Hiya serving.


In old days sake was only served in hot or warm.  It was considered to be the basic hospitality and it was even considered to be rude to serve it in cold.  Some thought if you cannot wait till sake is served hot and drink it with room temperature you are not sophisticated. 


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