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Green tea is great for hang over

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Tomomi | 0 comments

I have to admit that I drink more sake than I should although I am not that young in the age anymore.  It's just because I feel so happy with friends and family and that boosts the speed of drinking.  OK, enough for excuses.


Did you know Japanese green tea helps you recover from hang over quicker?  Green tea contains catechin that protect the surface of stomach from greasy foods that you often eat with alcoholic beverage.  Green tea also contains lots of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C reduces acetaldehyde that sit in your blood more when you drink alcoholic beverage.  Acetaldehyde invokes nausea and accelerated heartbeat and it causes hang over.  Caffeine that green tea also contains a lot of also fix your brain cells that are damaged by alcohol and take acetaldehyde out of your body.  Lastly tannins prevent your body from absorbing alcohol and being thirst so you won't be dehydrated next day.  


So before enjoying your sake let's enjoy green tea before and also after!


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