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Yawaragi Mizu for sake drinking

Posted on March 09, 2015 by Tomomi | 0 comments

I recently learned new Japanese word - Yawaragi Mizu that is translated as soft water.  Yawaragi Mizu is the idea that you take enough water while you drink Japanese sake so that you don't get hang over.  I believe this is the similar concept to whiskey chaser but it sounds more elegant.  You have a sip of sake then take it easy by having plenty of water between the sips.  It absolutely makes sense so I prepare enough drinking water in the pitcher when I serve sake for my guests.


Why do we need Yawaragi Mizu?  First of all it takes slower to get drunk or maybe not get drunk.  Also you feel refreshed and get to enjoy the taste of sake and the food. Finally it is better for your health and you wouldn't get as bad hang over. Alcohol percentage of sake is 15-20% compared to 4-5 % of beer so you would easily get drunk if you drink sake in the same speed as beer.


It is not too innovative idea to drink alcoholic beverage with plenty of water, but serving sake with plenty of water for your guest is a part of my Japanese hospitality that we are proud of.


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