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Sake serving in restaurants

Posted on January 26, 2015 by Tomomi | 0 comments

I am so happy to see more and more restaurants serve Japanese sake these days especially after Washoku, traditional Japanese cuisine, has been added to UNESCO'sIntangible Cultural Heritage list.  Sake has variety of tastes and would match with any kinds of cuisines just like wine.  


I order Japanese sake whenever available in restaurants.  My only issue is servers are not too familiar with sake like they would with wine in most places in the US.  Certain sake is great for certain foods with certain temperature. Although customers can make these choices by themselves we appreciate professional suggestions just like we would enjoy the ones for wine.  


If you are starting with Sashimi that is raw fish you may want to start with fruity Ginjo sake.  If you start with Sushi rolls you may try warm sake as it goes well with rice. Would you like butter Sauteed fish? then try fresh Junmai in a white wine glass so that you enjoy more flavor.  You like fillet steak?  you may like Jukusei sake in red wine glass with room temperature then!  If servers can suggest the timing, types, and temperature based on the cuisines customers select.  


I know a few places in big cities such as New York with dedicated sake professionals, but with some learning and practice this service can be provided by any restaurant waiters/waitresses.  


While I am hopefully waiting for this kind of restaurants in my neighborhood I serve myself by trying different sake in different styles!  As my passion grows I may just decide to open a sake bar myself!


Interested in the sake exercise? You may want to start with a nice sake set!  Please check out our extensive sake ware collection!


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