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Posted on January 19, 2015 by Tomomi | 0 comments

Kyaraben or Charaben, a shorten form of character bento, is a style of elaborately arranged bento (Japanese boxed lunch) which features food decorated to look like people, characters fro popular media, animals, and plants. Many Japanese moms decorate bento for their children in their food to encourage a wider range of eating habits.


I did not believe in doing this tedious work. I do make bento boxes for my children every day but I do not need to spend hours every morning to show them pretty animals and faces for a few seconds before they bite those animals. Well let me admit that I just did not think I can do the job and decided to list all kinds of excuses not do try it. The other day one of my mom friends posted her Kyaraben photo on FB. It was cute and impressive but I felt it looked simple enough to do it myself.   So decided. Why not.


I had a coach who actually posted the Kyaraben photo on FB with me and we cut seaweeds and sliced cheese together paste them to make Kyaraben. It helped we did such tedious work while enjoying glass of Sapporo beer. So very next day I was able to entertain my children as well as all the classmates with this.





It does have a lot of work, but making this was so much fun! It booted my creativity and make me go on to other Kyaraben for next few weeks. I can keep making those cute Kyaraben as far as time allows.




We are in the process of having new bento box collections. I will post recipes of those pretty Kyaraben!

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