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Manners when using chopsticks

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

I do not mean to be picky but we have many manners when using chopsticks.  Those are not really written but passed generation to generation.


Chopsticks Don’t Do list


Mayoi-bashi (迷い箸)

You move around your chopsticks to decide what to eat next on the table.


Saguri-bashi (探り箸)

You stir your soup to find what is inside.


Namida-bashi (涙箸)

You drop liquid from your chopsticks.


Watashi-bashi (渡し箸)

You place your chopsticks on the rice bowl just like you bridge from one side of the bowl to another.


Yoko-bashi (横箸)

You use chopsticks like a spoon to scoop your food.


Yose-bashi (寄せ箸)

You use chopsticks to move a bowl to your side.


Kuwae-bashi (くわえ箸)

You keep your chopsticks in your mouth instead of placing them on the table.


Sashi-bashi (刺し箸)

You use chopsticks like a fork.


Kaki-bashi (掻き箸)

You use chopsticks to scratch your body.


Seseri-bashi (せせり箸)

You use chopsticks as toothpicks to clean between your teeth.


Tataki-bashi (叩き箸)

You use chopstick to hit a bowl asking for more food.


Some are based on common sense, some are rather silly, aren’t they?  We as the Japanese learn these manners from parents/grandparents and our body remember all of them. 


You may think there are so many rules and you are afraid of offending us when you fail to follow, but I can assure you that people do not get offended.  We understand people come from different culture and tradition and are happy to explain the manners and let you decide if you want to follow. 


Times to practice your chopsticks skills and learn the manners by practice?  Here is your beautiful chopsticks!




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