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Posted on October 13, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

We got Japanese Bonsai in the weekend.  The bonsai shop is owned by a gentleman from Vietnam and he’s been in the business for many years since he was back there in Vietnam.  For those who are not familiar with Japanese Bonsai, here is the info on Bonsai from Wikipedia.


I am not Bonsai expert, but I love the peaceful looking of these beautiful Bonsai and feel so relaxed whenever I see them.  It’s also exciting to see the miniature nature in your house.  You get to enjoy gorgeous pine or maple trees without having a huge yard!


I was a little surprised to know that Bonsai is very expensive.  Pine tree bonsai that I was looking for was $2500 and way beyond my budget L I remember many seniors often enjoy Bonsai as hobby after retirement in Japan.  No wonder!  It is expensive hobby and may be hard for young people to own collections of Bonsai. 


I also remember my grandfather own huge collections of Bonsai and orchid flowers in his big yard in the country side home.  Many of them were pine tree Bonsai.  When my grandmother passed away a few years back we kept some of the orchid but trashed most of Bonsai not knowing how valuable they were!  He owned at least 30 of Pine Bonsai so $2500 x 30… Wow.


Anyway I am happy with two little Bonsai I got.  At least they are good enough to start with.  We placed the Bonsai in the corner of our Japanese Tatami room and enjoy looking at them while we enjoy our Matcha tea.  It is not $2000 Pine tree but our very first Bonsai that is so special to us.  I am sure we will be enjoying our peaceful moments – drinking tea or sake while enjoying the Bonsai.  Life is beautiful.


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