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Japanese Dinnerware is the piece of art you can use every day!

Posted on October 20, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

The biggest obstacle we deal with in our business is to give opportunities to people (outside of Japan) to think their daily dinnerware and drinkware from different perspective.  Obviously there are gaps between us and people in many other regions when it comes to ceramics ware and it takes some time to shrink the gaps.  For many people outside of Japan Dinnerware is the practical tools you use for meal, but for us and probably neighbor countries the dinnerware could be the piece of art you enjoy and the craftsmen put their prides into.


So what is ceramics ware?  Traditionally it is craft ware where craftsmen handmade with artistic touch and creativity to the objects in practical use.  However, as part of westernization during Meiji era (1870 - ) the concept of “Art” arose and some of what historically treated as craft was sort of transformed as art that time, so there has been no clear distinction till now.  It’s very controversial but I think a lot of Japanese ceramics are crafts rather than the art because those are made for the specific purposes as tableware or decorative items.  They are made so beautifully and artistically as tableware, but the purpose is always in people and craftsmen’s minds


I enjoy many arts and going to all kinds of Smithsonian museums in Washington DC, but I also want to enjoy them in daily use.  I want to host friends in the gorgeous Japanese ceramic ware and decorate my Tatami room with Japanese lacquer to harmonize with the space.  I really enjoy my Hagi ceramics ware that changes the colors and looks as we use, just like us people.  To me these Japanese ceramics as crafts make my life richer and more fruitful and boost the quality and appreciation in my life. 


We sometimes hear people concern about maintaining the Japanese dinnerware for daily use. Most of our tableware are not microwave and dishwasher safe and it is inconvenient for some people.  I fully understand the concerns and I myself experience the similar feeling in my busy schedule.  However, the extra few minutes of washing them by hand would help your life richer surrounded by the art you can use every day.  You appreciate your life and the craftsmanship by using your artistic ceramics ware on your table.  We human being were so privileged to enjoy our foods in the elegant way (while we work like horses in the office).  This is exactly the reason we believe in introducing the life style to people.


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