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Nori-maki party

Posted on August 11, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

I love the reactions of non-Japanese people when they see nori-maki rolls in our lunchboxes.  “Oh wow!  Did you make Sushi??” My kid was telling me the other day that her teacher pretended to grab her piece of roll expressing how yummy it looks.  She was so proud of having nice looking nori-maki rolls in her lunchboxes and we ended up with making bunch of nori-maki rolls for the teachers in the classroom so that they can snack on them!


Nori-maki is a handy, easy-to-eat sushi roll. A sheet of roasted nori seaweed is tightly wrapped around rice and fillings, such as fish or vegetables.


Such fancy looking nori-maki rolls is not too difficult to make.  Just make sure to get a bamboo mat in Amazon or local Asian grocery stores.   Once you have the bamboo mat in handy place a sheet of roasted nori seaweed on it.  Spread rice out evenly on the nori sheet from left to right, but leave uncovered the top and bottom of the sheet.  Lay out a strip of selected filling, centered atop the rice.  Then tightly roll up the nori sheet using the bamboo mat and remove the mat from around the roll.  Finally you can slice the roll the way you want. I typically create 6 equal bite-size pieces.


Fun part is you can put any filling of your choice!  Cucumber is a popular choice, but I often just put Furikake rice seasoning mixed in the rice and not put any filling in the center for kids.  My favorite filling is cod roe – it is so cute to see red roe in the center of the roll.


I also sometimes make mystery rolls for my kids and neighbor kids.  I tell them about the mystery rolls in advance and they are so thrilled to guess and see what filling they may have in the rolls.  I put different mystery filling inside and place them in a large Japanese plate.  It’s so pretty to see different sizes and filling of rolls in the beautiful Kutani ware plate!  The mystery filling could be literally anything although I would suggest you put something edible:P  For us the biggest hit was stick cheese or sausage.  The worst one was chocolate as you could imagine J


Interested in hosting a mystery nori-maki party?  Don’t forget your gorgeous Japanese plates!  Please take a look at our dinnerware collections!


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