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Hagi ware made using pottery kick wheels

Posted on June 16, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

A lot of our Hagi yaki ware items are made using manual kick wheel while using electric wheel is the mainstream nowadays.  Pieces made on the electric wheel have a high degree of accuracy and symmetry because there is no movement of the potter’s body.  Compared to the electric wheel the products made with kick wheel are not like machine made and gives you more human touch.  How the artisans put pressures in what timing is directly reflected in the products and that makes such interesting artistic feels.  The motion of the potter's body as he kicks the wheel while throwing gives the pots that casual lack of symmetry which has much appeal to contemporary Western taste.


Senryuzan Pottery we have contracts with have pride using the kick wheels to produce their Hagi ware masterpieces.  Their most beautiful and perfect Teaware are made by the artists with the greatest expertise using the kick wheels.




Interested in the Hagi ware made using the kick wheels?  Please take a look at our Hagi yaki ware collection!

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