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Warm Sake Temperature

Posted on April 28, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

I talked about warm Japanese sake last week.  This week I am still talking about warm Japanese Sake but for more specifically what temperature we should warm it up to.


We enjoy Sake both hot and cold.  I like hot sake especially in cold winter but I don’t necessarily warm up my very expensive Daiginjo sake.  Certain sake such as Daiginjo or Namazake are the best with freshness and aroma when served chilled. In general, the higher quality types of sake will lend themselves better to being served cold.


You can warm up sake at your preference but there are a few varieties better suited to cooler temperatures.  It is said it’s important to know the best temperature, but personally you should enjoy the way you want really.


One of the fun and entertaining ways you can enjoy warm sake is to compare which temperature you like the most.  Some are good with around 95F when the sake is sharp and fresh and some are the best with around 140 especially when the sake is spicy.  You can start with chilled then warm up little by little to find the best temperature for you and the sake!


The best way to warm up sake is to place the sake tokkuri bottle in hot water in the pan (do not boil while you keep the sake bottle there) so that you can adjust the temperature easily.  You can also use microwave to warm it up in microwave safe bottles and I sometimes do it when I do not have time, but it’s not the best way. Once you warm up your sake at the best temperature for you pour it into your small ochoko cup so that it would not cool down too quickly.


Please note that taking too much alcoholic beverage is harmful for your health.  Please drink it at your responsibility.



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