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Our Kutani Collection

Posted on May 05, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

We found this greatest website that is hosted by Ishikawa prefecture where our beautiful Kutani ware is made.  The website has a lot of information such as the history of Kutani ware, recent news on Kutani porcelain, the list of Kutaniware authors, and the steps to produce the ceramic ware (that is my favorite).  Instead of me copying and pasting the materials from the website:) here is the link to the digital archives of Ishikawa Japan for Kutani porcelain for you to enjoy reading!  This is the best website that I’ve found written in English about Japanese ceramics ware, porcelain, and potteries.

We decided to select Kutani ware as one of our product lines because of the unique design and the history.  If you look at the colors used in the artwork you will see what we mean.  It’s speechlessly beautiful.  We respect their tradition and history but also value their attitude to apply and adjust their tradition to our fast changing life style. If you look at our Ginsai wine glasses it is somewhat traditional but also very modern that fit perfectly in the western styles of tables and homes.  We also plan to introduce Kutani porcelain USB memory stick on demand basis.  This is an unique fusion of traditional Kutani porcelain and technology!  Our mission is to support these artists in the prestigious potteries and to introduce the artwork to people all over the world.



Interested in getting Kutani porcelain ware for yourself, family and friends?  Please take a look at our Kutani collection!


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