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Japanese Arita Imari

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Tomomi | 0 comments

Arita ware is a generic term for ceramics made ​​in the region of Arita city, Saga. The characteristics are the beautiful crystal clear white porcelain with gorgeous and delicate decorations.  Arita porcelain is typically thin, light, elegant and smooth like glass.  Porcelain is also durable and not absorbent making it ideal for use as tablewareNowadays porcelain is mainstream rather than pottery in Arita

Many of the porcelain made ​​in Arita in the 1600shad been exported from the port of ImariBecause there is no sea in Aritaexporters used Imari harbor as the port of shipment that is 6-7 miles from AritaIn honoring of the history Arita porcelain is also called "Imari" porcelain.


Arita Porcelain, with about 400 years of its long history, can be divided into three style "Old Imari" "Kakiemon" and "Nabeshima kilnin general.  We are featuring Imari style this week.


Imari style, produced during the Edo period in Hizen Arita, characterizes the luxurious paint of red and gold called Kinrande (gold-painted porcelain) and dark dyed paintingAt the time, the name “Imari” porcelain has been given because the porcelains were shipped from the port ofImari adjacent to the Arita city as noted earlier

Potters draw a pattern in blue glaze on top of the raw clay foundation then fire by applying the transparent glaze on it so it has beautiful blue coloron a 
translucent white bodies at the endThe Kinrande (gold-painted porcelain) was produced by decorating with gold paint on porcelain on top of brilliant, colorful overglaze decorations



I believe Arita Imari is the most popular one among all Japanese porcelain and pottery.  We get many inquiries from customers in Europe and Asia especially China.  Our old store in eBay in the US was also popular for Imari style porcelain.  People love Imari ware because of the history and the unique design that you would not find easily in West.  Gorgeous yet fine colors on the Imari dinnerware spice up your table making it more inviting and entertaining. 


Furthermore, most of our Arita ware is hand made by artists in prestigious potteries in Arita area.  There are so many steps to produce the handcrafts, that we plan to feature in our future blog, and the artists are proud of their masterpiece.  You will own the piece of art that you can use every day on the table.  

Interested in getting Arita porcelain ware for yourself?  Please take a look at our Arita collection!



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